"I have been practising yoga with Tida for over 6 years now, with my first class when I was 55 years old. Tida's classses have given me back my flexibility and she tailors poses to those attending plus gives alternative poses for those who have any injuries, pregnancy or other limitations. I have also attended her bodywork/massage sessions which are just wonderful and went on my first yoga retreat last year. I can't recommend Tida highly enough."~ Ruth

"Tida came to Concord yoga class on Saturday mornings in 2016.  She runs interesting classes with the new mixed with the old movements, so we have some security of knowing what to expect and some challenges to make the class interesting. The class is fairly small so Tida has time to see what each of us can do and is able to help us individually as needed. I am in my mid-seventies, so I am in the older age range for yoga classes. With Tida as leader I have the confidence to continue attending the class."~ Ada

"Tida is a wonderful instructor who fosters compassion and self love through her yoga classes. She is welcoming to everyone and goes above and beyond to tailor her classes to be inclusive for everyone no matter what their ability. What I love about Tida is that her classes are for everyone; young, old, able bodied or disabled and that she shows us that everyone can benefit from yoga and movement. I've personally grown emotionally, spiritually and increased my physical and mental well being through these classes as Tida's passion for yoga and helping others is infectious; a true joining of the mind, body & spirit".~ Suzanne, Mat & chair yoga class, Arncliffe

"I had some excellent treatments from Tida during a trip to Australia in 2019.  I returned to Australia recently for 8 weeks, and based on past-experience, pre-booked weekly massage sessions with her.  My expectations were high from my previous experience but never, in my wildest dreams, did I expect the results that she gave me this time.  I have had a lot of treatments from various practitioners over the years but Tida has a different level of expertise.

Tida’s treatments were amazing.  I left Australia feeling like an entirely different person.  I became a lot more flexible and moved freer than I had for many years.

In addition to the excellent treatments, I felt welcome, safe and comfortable during each visit.   I could not recommend the entire “Tida experience” enough." ~ Assumpta 

I love going to Tida’s yoga classes as I feel her teaching style and energy is so gentle and peaceful. I have also attended two of her amazing retreats and I have felt so refreshed and grounded afterwards! Tida reminds us through her teaching to pay attention to our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing so I sincerely thank you Tida! ~ Corina

"I look forward to my weekly yoga classes with Tida. She's super sweet and her classes are very relaxed and down to earth. She offers regular, hands on realignments which are so helpful, and she has such a gentle manner. Thank you, Tida!." ~ Vicky Ayoub

"Tida is a lovely person and an excellent yoga teacher. I find her to be very patient as she takes the time to explain and ensure you are correctly doing the poses so you don't injure yourself. The classes always contain plenty of variation and are suitable for all levels of yoga experience. With a nice soundtrack of music playing you always leave the class feeling calm and re-engergised - happy yoga!." ~ Aimee, Chippendale

"As a 56 year old male I attended my first yoga session with Tida out of curiosity rather than an intention to take up yoga on a regular basis. Most people of my age have some physical shortcomings and lower back issues affect my flexibility. I found Tida to be very understanding and supportive and rather than feel self conscious if I cannot attain each posture she finds a compromise position and encourages me to improve. I now look forward to each session and enjoy the physical challenge and mental harmony achieved - even for a beginner." ~ Keith Lamb

"Firstly I want to give full credit to our teacher, Tida, she is an excellent teacher, she is very caring and has a lovely soothing voice. After every couple of exercises she always asks us if we are feeling alright. We have much variation; our exercises take in most parts of our bodies hands, legs, arms, feet, even our eyes and most of all our breathing which is most important. We end with a relaxing time, where we have almost gone to sleep. I personally feel we are given a full hour of exerting our bodies which is so helpful to us." ~ Gladdys Pole, 92 years old, Thomas Roseby Lodge resident.

"I have completed 10 yoga sessions this year with Tida as my teacher. I have found her to be unfailingly patient and kind in her manner, and also skilful, precise and knowledgeable. Largely because of her qualities as a teacher, I have greatly enjoyed my yoga experiences with Tida, and I know I have benefitted too, with improved balance, increased strength, better flexibility and a developing ability to still my mind and meditate." ~ Sue Flatt

"At the age of 50 I finally decided it was true - we use it or lose. Fortunately for me, it was at that point I literally crossed paths with Tida - and so began my practice of yoga. Tida is a rare person and teacher. I find her class full of joy and relaxation and at the same time it is the hardest physical work-out I do. I knew yoga was good for the body and good for the mind, but it took having a teacher like Tida to find the joy that comes from its practice - the fact that she conducts her class with beautiful music and bells in a tranquil environment is all an added benefit. Thanks Tida." ~ Julie Macken

"Tida is a nurturing, patient and generous teacher. I always return home rejuvenated and clearer about my direction and confident that I can follow my path with joy." ~ Angela Argy

"I first met Tida as a student in my Yoga classes. Tida proved herself to be an attentive, interested and dedicated student of Yoga. She was always considerate and friendly with her classmates and teachers. Tida was also respectful of her self, knowing her own sensitivities and working safely within those limits. I know that Tida will take those same wonderful qualities to her teaching of Yoga. As a student you can be assured that Tida will inspire you and teach you with compassion and care. I wish Tida all the best in her Yoga journey and hope that I get a chance to attend one of her classes soon." ~ Tracy Falle, Tida's first Yoga Teacher