Notes from Tida

Let's May be a month of Self~Care 

I started my self-care practice even before I opened my eyes from sleep in the morning.☀️ Allow me to share with you my morning ritual.

Wake up early in bed ~

I love to stay a little longer and take my time to ease my way out of bed. Well, we’ve got much more time now, right? I take probably 10 breaths to be precise, to set up my daily intent. I’ve been setting up my daily intent every morning since I was in my Forrest Yoga teacher training back in 2015. I like to set the tone of my day. What would I like my day to be. I know it doesn't always turn out the way I want it to be. Nevertheless it becomes my daily guideline. 

Once I jump out of bed ~

I like to do some form of movements like shake, easy stretches, sway, tapping or even slow dance. I found that these basic moves help get the blood flowing and pumping into the joints. It helps to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. It wakes up my brain to co-ordinate with my body and breathing which keeps my body balance in these simply movements. 

Detoxing ~

I drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon to hydrate and cleans inside of the body. Since there has been at least 7-8 hours of sleep, the body definitely needs hydration. My drinking tip to you is drink it slowly. Feel the first sip of the water as it touches the lips and tongue. Visualise the water travelling down the throat to the belly with its intention to help cleansing and nurturing the body. 

Smudging ~

I love to light incense or burning sage around the house and open the windows and blinds. The smoke of the incense (known as the smudging) to cleanse and to invite a positive energy to the house and helps to set a calming sense within the house.

Sound Meditation ~

I get my cuppa then and take 5-10 minutes to play some tunes either with my singing bowls, tunning fork or handpan. The frequency and the vibration of these instrument are so peaceful. I love to listen to their sounds as it allows deeper connection to my inner self. I can easily get lost into the moment. It is a form of meditation in fact. 

Time to Get Moving ~

I usually get my short yoga practice done as well. Nowadays as I have more time to practice I am more than happy to practice longer. I keep my practice very simple. It is about me connect to ME. It includes breathing practice, yoga movements; particularly the moves that serve my body each morning as well as prepare my body to face the day.