Group Classes

Tida’s teaching holds the structure of traditional Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Forrest Yoga in which she has trained and has been practicing. While she adds the essence of creativity and playfulness making her class challenging, fun and engaging. She encourages her students to be within their body, be curious and learn about themselves and their body through the process of yoga practice. Tida is attentive to details of alignments based on different types of bodies and limitations. Tida’s hands on adjustment is a must to be experienced. She gives her all to guide the students to get in touch with their body.

Class types: Mat yoga class: A general yoga class where practice is on a mat with or without props

Chair yoga class: A yoga class where practice will be on a steady chair. with or without props. This type of yoga suits office workers, seniors or people with injury or physical limitation. At Chair Yoga you receive equal benefits to mat yoga.

Mat and Chair yoga class: A yoga class which the practitioners practice either on the mat or on the chair, depending on their preferences. The sequencing of the class is designed for everyone to enjoy the yoga poses where they are at, within their own abilities. 


Catching up with Tida’s public classes around Sydney: 


Available for private session; yoga, massage and sound healing.


7-8 PM Yang & Yin Yoga at Camperdown Fitness


12-1 PM Vinyasa Yoga at Sydney Sport & Fitness Centre, Darlington

6.30-7.15 PM Stretching class at Camperdown Fitness


11.30-12.30pm Chair yoga at Earlwood Leaning Centre*

12.50-13.50pm Chair yoga at Campsie Educational Centre*
*Book directly at the venues

6-6.45 pm Hatha Vinyasa yoga at Iglu, Central Park


Available for private session; yoga, massage and sound healing


10-11am Camperdown Fitness

For more information about all the public classes above please Contact Tida 

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