Private Classes

Everybody has a different body type, weakness and strength. The practice of yoga in ancient times was more individually based for therapeutic purposes which suited individual needs and conditions. Tida Happy Yogi offers private classes for similar purposes. Public yoga classes are not designed to fit or suit everybody. 

Private classes suit individuals who : 

Need more attention to alignments 

Need to work on an injury 

Need to deepen their practice 

Need support to learn 

Need to practice in their own convenient time 

Would like to build confidence before attending public classes 


Full attention and hands on adjustment from Tida 

Special class plan which is tailored for individual needs 

Practice in preferable time in a safe and supportive environment 

Durations: 60-minutes, 75-minutes and 90-minutes

Please note: Tida also offers a small private group class of maximum of 5 people and a special event group class such as a hen yoga class. A class could be conducted at Tida Happy Yogi’s head quarters in Chippendale or at your own place subject to a travel fee. 

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