Singing Bowl Event

$52.00 AUD - $515.00 AUD

Join Tida Happy Yogi for an evening of a deep relaxation & restful event.

Tida offers Singing Bowl event monthly (See date on the drop down menu)

✨ Monthly Group Sound Bath Meditation

In this session you will be experienced and found ability to allow your body to rest deeply, feel emotionally calm and stable. Discovery of deep relaxation while in a present awareness that can’t be experienced in normal daily life. It will help your body unconciously release the tension physically, emotionally and re-energize your body & mind.

Everyone will leave feeling relaxed and energetically cleansed, rejuvenate and rebalance.


✨Venue: Mission Yoga & Therapeutics
105 Belmont St, Alexandria NSW 2015
Time: 1.30-2.30 PM
Date: 20 July 2024

✨Venue: Soul Agenda Yoga
383 Darling Street Balmain, NSW 2041
Time: 2.30-3.45 PM
Date: 14 September 2024

Any props that assist you rest fully; Yoga Mat, eye pillow, blanket, pillow etc. Wear comfortable clothes.

Please note that fee is included 3% online booking fee.

✨Sound Bath at your own home:
Tida also bring her singing bowls and her instruments to your own home. You prepare a space and guests, she will bring the bowls and peace to you.

You will be lay down thoughout this session or any comfotable position where you feel restful. So wear comfortable warm cloth.

Props up that you can find around your house such as eye pillow, blanket and anything that will help you rest fully.

✨Sound Bath for a Weekend Retreat Package:
Please contact Tida to discuss dates and what are included in the package.

Please note that a travelling fee will be applied depending of the distance.