Special Packs of Self-Love

$100.00 AUD - $160.00 AUD

Sound Therapy Special Offer*
A 60-minutes of Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowls & other sounds session

🎁 Private Yoga Special Offer*
"A pack of Body Flow Yoga" includes;
- A 60-minute yoga practice that is planned for your needs. 
- A 15-minute long deep relaxation with singing bowl sounds. 

*An online session is available 

🎁 Facial Gua Sha treatment Special Offer
"A pack of Rest in Beauty" includes;
- A 45-minute facial gua sha treatment 
- A 30-minute "Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowl sounds” session. 

🎁 Bodywork & Massage Special Offers
"A Body Bliss Package" includes;
- A 60-minute oil body massage with herbal balls 
- A 30-minute facial Gua Sha treatment 
- A 2-hour Air sculpture massage therapy with herbal balls 
- A complimentary 15 minute head and facial Gua Sha treatment.  

To complete the gift pack you will also receive a special gift of a bar of Australian made soap to take home to continue your self love practice.
Do yourself a favour, treat yourself with one of these special packs of self-love. 

Gift voucher is also available.